The Adoption Camp

My time and experience at the camp, and meeting the freagles for the first time!

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Leash Trainning Hero

Okay so this is tricky, and requires a lot of patience, like a shit load of patience. Freagles need to be put on a harness whenever they have to be taken out, it is mandatory and should not be taken lightly in any way. Now putting the harness on is fairly easy, I had him... Continue Reading →

Playing Fetch With Hero

Hero has a couple of chew toys around the house. 1. His hair brush. 2. My sisters puppet, made of cloth. 3. Any dry cloth which fancies him. So teaching him to fetch was actually a fluke, we did not intend to do any such thing, but looking at his response we decided to go... Continue Reading →

Hero Wants To Run Away? Already!

So the day we got Hero home, we were handed a 7 page booklet to understand their behavior as a different kind of dog, when it comes to mannerisms and habits. One of the points mentioned was that, after coming home they would will try running away at any opportunity presented, mainly due to stress... Continue Reading →

Welcome Home, Hero.

I named him hero for obvious reasons. After living a life as a subject for clinical trials in the name of medical research, only a few can walk out of it ready to take on the world with a calm demeanor like he did, he no doubt was a hero and to be honest and... Continue Reading →

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