Welcome Home, Hero.

I named him hero for obvious reasons.

After living a life as a subject for clinical trials in the name of medical research, only a few can walk out of it ready to take on the world with a calm demeanor like he did, he no doubt was a hero and to be honest and an inspiration as he entered in to our lives and home to start afresh.

We returned home with Hero in my arms, the reason why I had to carry him from the camp was that, he was not leash trained (A freagle will usually freeze in it’s position since he has never been pulled by a rope in his life), while we are at it, he was not potty trained either, a challenge you are made aware of before the adoption, but the same applies to a small puppy too, but the good part is these are adult dogs and can learn all these tricks easily.

I was told; let him explore the house on his own, so I obliged, I let him down and he went about exploring the house on his own with my little sister following him around, I tried but there was no convincing the little girl. He went in all the rooms sniffing around, occasionally stopping and going into a trance like state probably thinking about the existence of life and the presence of God, I don’t know I’m just guessing, he would resume soon after, sniffing and exploring everything.

For a few good hours we let him be, he was sitting outside in the middle of the dinning hall as the rest of the family sat in their rooms killing time. I was sitting in my room fixing his bed and figuring out where should I place his bed or just have him sleep next to me, that’s when I saw him enter the room and come stand next to me, I realized this is the right time to show affection, so rubbed his forehead , gave him a good scratch and waited for him to relax.
Now I thought, well time for our first test, as I slowly started walking away from him, he did not move however his eyes were locked on me, I kept walking away and he still would not move, just as I was out of plain sight he decided to pursue me. Success! I thought! we are friends now, aren’t we? Well, not really.
He followed me to the kitchen where first I offered him some pedigree and paneer, he could not care less, so I went ahead and offered him some water, naaah wasn’t thirsty either.
Maybe we were not as close friends as I thought we had become, never the less, I made sure he knew where I had kept the food and water bowls.

I left the kitchen, and this time he did not follow me, damn it! I overplayed my card.
Nevemind, I will try again.

The next post will talk about their fears and tendency to want to run away or dig through the walls to get out.


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