The Adoption Camp

”Does the dog pick you? or do you pick the dog?”

I had thought about this before, and I side with the people who prefer picking their dogs, not that I’m not sentimental or I don’t want the universe to help me find a family member, it’s about me knowing more about the dog then the dog knowing about me.
The rescuers were okay with me wanting take the pick out of the lot, and believe me it was difficult, when I entered the shelter there were only a few ladies who were eager to get adopted patiently trotting about wagging their tails and sniffing anything that by god moved!
I initially thought I missed the bus, and most of them had gotten adopted, so I went about acquainting myself with the ladies, that is when I heard a voice in the background ”All the girls are getting adopted, what about my boys?”, this came from one of the rescuers and my point of contact and counselor for the adoption Richa, in this whole process of adopting a freagle, your counselor is your best friend and guide, know them well and listen to them, they will make this journey easier and simpler for you .
What followed was a dream come true for any dog lover, ┬átry surrounding yourself with a pack of beagles who are vying for your attention as they gently lick your hands and you’ll know what I am talking about. I had six beagles around me waiting to be pet, that brief time period where I was the object of their attention made me feel special, and I thought if I could return the favor and make at least one of them feel wanted and special, wouldn’t that be perfect.
The adoption camp involves you coming with your family, specially if there are kids in your family, which I did, I have a 10 year old sister who loves dogs but gets easily startled by a loud bark, all this time when I was showered with attention, she stood at the corner with our mom looking at me patiently, waiting for my nod of approval to join me in the beagle space of love!
I happily obliged with the nod, and she slowly walked towards us, kneeling down next to me, she extended her hand towards the pups and they responded with┬ámore love than what was earlier offered to me, I felt betrayed for a little bit as the whole pack just shifted their attention towards her, but that was quickly replaced with happiness and pride to see my little muchkin pet so many dogs at once without flinching, pure joy that’s what was all over her face, I can only imagine what my mother felt when she saw her timid daughter pet dogs, hug them and invite her to join us.
Whilst my family was engrossed in the beagle loving movement, I stood up to get a good look at all the fur balls in the space. Like I said before, I wanted to choose the pup that was going to come home with us, so I went about inspecting each and every beagle there occasionally asking a few questions to the counselors around me, who were happy to help! Most of these beagles are healthy and fit, also in the past few weeks had opened up to have a distinct character trait about themselves, so that made things easier for me, I wanted to have a calm soul in the house, I’m not a type of person who likes a ball of energy in the room, that goes for humans too, since whoever I picked was going the share the room with me, I thought his behavior should match mine, so I zeroed in the most quiet and calm beagle of the pack, Duster.
So that was it, I told Richa, I have found him and pointed towards the beagle with a Heart on his forehead (Yes he has heart shaped white fur right on his forehead)
5 minutes later, got the paperwork done, collected the medical records, got a photo clicked and we were off.

The drive back was uneventful and quiet, perfect for me to think , and by the time we reached home we were ready to start a new chapter of our lives and I was ready with his new name.

Welcome home, Hero.


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