Playing Fetch With Hero

Hero has a couple of chew toys around the house.

1. His hair brush.
2. My sisters puppet, made of cloth.
3. Any dry cloth which fancies him.

So teaching him to fetch was actually a fluke, we did not intend to do any such thing, but looking at his response we decided to go with the flow.

My mother once took away the cloth from him because it was dirty, and threw it towards the other side of the room, seeing that he ran for it and grabbed a hold of it and started playing again.

She told me what happened and I tried doing that with his other chew toys.
So initially what happened was, he chased after what I threw but then sat there and started chewing on it.
I had to call out to him a couple of times, and that’s when he came closer to me.
Not exactly where I was standing but a little close.

Then the next phase started of making him let go of the item so I can throw it again.
This took a while and even now he won’t let it go.
I used to snap my fingers around him and distract him so that i can take the toy, he’ll pursue my hand but then leave it.
Now he has started responding to ”chod” or ”leave it”

Initially what I had started with was a wooden brush but now I’ve shifted to the Muppet with a chew ball put inside it.So that I can throw it easily and he can chew on it without us having to worry that he’ll hurt himself.

He gets excited when he chases after it, but unfortunately he’s still not sure whether its a game, because I have never had him come up to me asking me to throw, but with time we’ll get there.
The right time for us to play is when he is in the mood, it’s usually when I come back home and he is happy to see me, so I use that energy of his and put it to good use. Initially he did not always bring back the item and I had to go to him to take it, if you are thinking why didn’t I reward him every time he fetched it for me, it’s because he does not eat a variety of items, so giving him treats is out of the question because he does not acknowledge it as food at all, so yeah if you find something that your freagle likes, then you can use it to train, you can try paneer initially but they don’t always want to eat paneer at least mine doesn’t.

Nevertheless I am hoping in a few weeks we can actually play fetch with him.


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