Hero Wants To Run Away? Already!

So the day we got Hero home, we were handed a 7 page booklet to understand their behavior as a different kind of dog, when it comes to mannerisms and habits.

One of the points mentioned was that, after coming home they would will try running away at any opportunity presented, mainly due to stress and a fear of new surroundings, this will also apply to taking them out for walks, they cannot under any circumstance be taken out on a normal leash with a color, a freagle must be made to wear a harness which covers half of it’s body so as to discourage them easily when they try to make a run for it.

The booklet was right, I did catch Hero trying to dig through the walls, he probably was nervous since he was away from his companions probably for the first time ever.
Unfortunately it was not just the walls, he also tried digging through his bed, and even mine at one point.

This is one of the challenges I faced as a pawrent, it was important to not over react and deal with the situation with love and affection, so when ever me or any of my family member found him stressed, we just sat next to him and caressed his forehead till he calmed down.
This however went on for days, he gradually stopped with the digging through walls phase, thankfully, but every now and then I can hear him try and dig through his bed, this is usually when he is having an off day, or is zoned out.
I usually can sense looking at him before his bed time, whether we are going to have one of those nights. It’s important to comfort him during these times, so I prepare myself accordingly, to be honest, it will get annoying, at least for me it did, waking up in the middle of your sleep and sit with him till he calms down, and there is no other solution to this except patience.

I did find an easier way though, whenever he embarks upon his digging spree, I just get a hold of his paw and he stops immediately, he tries to free himself a few times and then eventually gives in, my grip on his paw is not tight or firm, rather it’s re assuring, so whenever I am holding his paw he sits down and eventually lays down giving me an opening to rub his belly and scratch his head, I continue doing it till he has fallen asleep or is almost at the point of sleeping.
Usually he does not get up after that and we greet each other directly in the morning.

The next post will look with how we dealt with his poops and pees!


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