Leash Trainning Hero

Okay so this is tricky, and requires a lot of patience, like a shit load of patience.

Freagles need to be put on a harness whenever they have to be taken out, it is mandatory and should not be taken lightly in any way.
Now putting the harness on is fairly easy, I had him wear it the second day with us, he was pretty chill about it, rewarded him with paneer as soon as he had it on.
A couple of days later I attached the leash to the harness and left it, he did not mind, and for half an hour he was roaming around with the leash, dragging it wherever he went, it made walking a little difficult for him but he did not mind, this is important to do because he needs to understand that the leash is a good thing and nothing to be afraid of.

The next day I held the leash and he did not move, at all, since they have not been trained and get easily scared, he froze when I tugged on the leash a little, so what I did was, I offered him paneer pieces but held them a little far away, so that he had to walk towards the paneer to have it. Once I saw he responded to it, I sat on a revolving chair and held the leash and a few paneer pieces to serve as motivation, we did a few circles till the paneer got over and he pretty much was calm through out.

Tried the same exercise the next day, this time he was quicker to get the leash, so I asked my counselor can I take him out, she gave me the go ahead and said that I need not do the chair exercise anymore and just let his beagle brain take over when he is out.

The next day I obliged, I made sure that I went out as late as I possibly could because I did not want to overwhelm him with a lot of sound and people. We went to the basement of building where the parking it and roamed around for a little over half an hour.

A lot of that time comprised of Hero just standing and looking at things, just standing, no movement, even no people and no sound overwhelmed him, living in a cage in a room did not help the case. This went on for a week, just roaming around in the parking lot with barely anybody bothering us in our late night walks.
During this walks, he had taken the lead every time, this essentially is not good for the long run but I had to go where he is comfortable going, so it took some time and patience for me to get through this because in all honesty I am a stubborn little brat, and I like things my way.
A week later I had an idea of how to deal with stopping him to go where I did not want him to go.
What I did was I started walking next to him rather than behind him, if I stand behind him or ahead of him and pull on the leash it is uncomfortable and maybe painful for him, so he freezes, so by walking next to him I could steer him wherever I want, I kept the leash loose, so that he can walk at his own pace and then I matched his pace and just steered him left or right without him realising it. That was a huge achievement in my eyes.

It’s been over a month and now he understands when I don’t want him to go somewhere, he does take a pause but resumes walking soon after, however bringing him back home on the leash is still a little far away, because we are still learning how to communicate withe leash, him and I.



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