What is a Freagle?

”Freagle” is a term of endearment used for beagles who have been released from laboratories where they were used for clinical trials of pharmaceutical drugs.

Now that these beagles are free from the cages, they are called freagles.

They do not have any instincts or traits that you take for granted in a dog, what they do have is a heart of gold.

Why are they so special?

They may not be toilet trained, or know how to walk on a leash but their floppy ears and calm demeanour bring happiness and peace in your homes.

They are shy and nervous around people, living outside a room after years in itself is an overwhelming experience, adding to that being greeted and even loved by the people around them is a drastic change from the usual.

However they can be rehabilitated by a committed family into becoming happy and loving dogs with patience, love & guidance from a trained counselor.

You can know more about these warriors or even inquire about adopting one by visiting these groups on Facebook, Beagle Brigade or Dog Lovers Ahmedabad.


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